• Consultation
    Individual and corporate clients often need to know the status of their property rights, in regard to such issues as: liens, easements, licenses or other private and governmental restrictions.
  • Pre-Condemnation Planning
    Eminent domain cases involve issues that can affect the outcome of the case. Our experience in the field allows us to quickly gather relevant information and assess a potential case to assist owners in pre-condemnation planning.
  • Mediation / Arbitration
    MBR is dedicated to preparing as diligently for mediation sessions as it does for trial, bringing its experience and resources equally to bear in the pursuit of successful resolution of cases pre-trial.
  • Contested Administrative Hearings
    MBR is available to lead the owner through the administrative “thicket” in order that the owner is fully protected with all the administrative remedies available in a timely manner. Several procedures may apply.
  • Jury and Bench Trials
    For cases which must be resolved by jury trial or before a judge, MBR’s lawyers have extensive experience in the development of valuation strategies and persuasive techniques to clearly present an owner’s claim to judges and juries.
  • Direct Condemnation
    When government decides to rebuild or expand a road, bridge, or other public project, and private property is needed, our federal and state constitutions protect the private citizen-owner.
  • Inverse Condemnation and Regulatory Takings
    Often, governmental activities result in the “taking” of private property without instituting formal condemnation proceedings. MBR will evaluate and prosecute your case.
  • “Bert Harris” Actions
    When a governmental action damages or destroys an existing or potential use of an owner’s real property, Florida Law (’70.001) provides a form of relief that may be more achievable than the traditional inverse condemnation law suit.