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A law firm devoted to advancing the protection of private property rights in modern America. Our 21st-Century society requires a knowledgeable, focused approach to defending the use and value of private property and businesses when impacted by unfair or overreaching governmental actions. Moore Bowman & Rix (MBR), is dedicated to providing owners with the full measure of constitutional and legal protections available.

Governmental challenges to property owners may come in the form of a direct taking of private property for public use, such as for a road, school, or power line. Or, the challenge may be by a damaging zoning change, or by a rezoning or permit denial which prevents development and destroys value. The lawyers and staff of Moore Bowman & Rix offer the owner experienced and up-to-date legal advice on how to meet those challenges.

Moore Bowman & Rix is the property owner’s advocate in meeting with the governmental agencies affecting the owner’s property and in trying to resolve the owner’s issues outside of a courtroom setting. However, in the event those efforts meet with an unwilling or intransigent government, Moore Bowman & Rix has a team of experienced litigators in both federal and state courts who will take all legal steps necessary to defend the owner’s property rights. You can “fight city hall.”

This website offers a more in-depth view of the type and services MBR can provide private property owners. We also invite you to contact one of our lawyers for a free consultation, so that we can understand your individual concerns and work with you toward achieving your goals of protecting your property.

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