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Moore Bowman & Reese is a boutique Florida law firm dedicated exclusively to the protection of private property rights. Our state-wide practice focuses primarily on defending land- and business-owners from governmental eminent domain takings in condemnation of property. Assisting owners with affirmative challenges to onerous governmental regulatory action impacting the use and value of private property. You can learn more about the details of eminent domain and condemnation here.

Governmental obstacles to the use and development of private property come in many forms. Government may attempt to directly acquire private property, or an interest therein (like an easement) for public use, such as a roadway or utility corridor. In these circumstances, there are established constitutional guidelines related to both the government's power to condemn, and the "full compensation" required to be paid to the owner.

Government may also negatively impact owners' land uses or development rights, such as through a rezoning or permit denial, which may diminish or destroy a property's value. Or, it may require owners to agree to arbitrary conditions or dedications impacting their property as a condition of receiving permission to develop it. There are clear constitutional requisites for each of these circumstances which laypeople may not be aware of. Our lawyers and staff are trained in these nuanced issues and versed in the statutory and constitutional law relevant to the protection of private property.

Our Firm routinely serves as the owner’s advocate both in meeting with the governmental agencies affecting the owner’s property and in trying to resolve the issues outside of a courtroom setting. However, in the event those efforts meet with no success, we have a team of experienced litigators who will take the necessary legal steps to defend your property rights. You can, in fact, “fight city hall.” Read more about the mediation and trial process here.

Our Attorneys have extensive trial and appellate experience representing owners in eminent domain and property rights matters throughout Florida and in the federal courts. We have real estate appraisal and valuation backgrounds, and are versed in a variety of disciplines related to the development of real property. Our Attorneys have served in leadership positions on both state and national eminent domain committees, and are lecturers and authors on topics in this niche field. 

Our website offers a more in-depth view of the type of services our Firm can provide. The list is not all-inclusive. New legal issues arise as times evolve, and our Team stays up-to-date on new laws and regulatory changes impacting private property rights. We also diligently monitor government infrastructure projects, priorities and funding, in order to keep you apprised of the latest information which may have an impact on your property. After browsing our information, we invite you to contact one of our lawyers for a free consultation, so that we can understand your individual concerns and work with you to protect your most valuable asset.

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