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Picture depicting construction workers expanding a public road onto private property.

When the government decides to rebuild or expand a road, bridge, or other public project, and private property is needed, our Federal and State Constitutions protect the private owner with the guarantee of just and full compensation for any taking. Our laws require the government to file an eminent domain (condemnation) lawsuit against the private owner whose property is needed for the project and hold a hearing where the owner is given the ability to appear and contest the taking itself. All of the owner’s reasonable attorney’s fees and costs are reimbursed by the government in eminent domain cases, in addition to the compensation paid for the actual taking of land  and/or improvements, and any "severance" damages to remaining property, if appropriate. Unlike many law firms who take on the representation of both condemnees and condemnors (government entities acquiring property), Moore Bowman & Reese has dedicated their practice to representing landowners in these matters.

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